Boarding & Daycare

Canine Boarding

* Spacious Indoor and Outdoor Runs

*Quiet room for elderly, tiny and/or fearful dogs

*Individualized care catering to your dogs unique needs and temperament
* Temperature controlled
* State of the art controlled air circulation
* Grassy outdoor fenced in play-yard for supervised play
* Multiple potty and exercise breaks daily
* "Pamper My Pet" playtime packages available for an additional charge
* Extra-large indoor runs available to accommodate multiple pets (dogs only)

Feline Boarding
* Separate Feline Boarding Area
* Kitty Condos with ledges to perch on and cut outs to crawl through!
* Climate controlled for maximum comfort
* Pet's quarters inspected multiple times daily and "as requested" by our boarders
* "Pamper My Pet" playtime packages available for an additional charge

We utilize both Feline and Canine PetTune Accoustic Cubes in our boarding areas. The science behind Pet Acoustics products is a special process in which frequencies and decibel levels are modified for acute pet hearing sensitivities. Providing ideal sonic environments for pets is a natural and profound method that minimizes stress and balances behavior. The results are measurable and repeatable. Click the link for more information. 

You can bring your pets food or our own food is provided in each boarding area.  If you do not provide your own food, our boarders are fed Hills Veterinary Prescription Sensitive Stomach & Skin food (canine and feline formulas). We do not provide any other diets, if your pet is on a diet we carry you are welcome to purchase it at the time of drop off.   Each boarding area also provides all supplies (bowls, blankets, beds, toys) but you may bring any item from home you feel would make your pet more comfortable. 

Here at Apalachee River Animal Hospital your pets aren't just boarding!  Dogs and cats enjoy their own vacations here at our boarding facilities. While you are away, your pets are supervised by our trained kennel attendants.  Our staff members monitor all aspects of your  pet's care and well-being while they stay with us.  In the event that changes occur or should  medical concerns arise, our veterinarians are available to offer immediate medical care. Each pets stay is customized to his or her individual temperaments, age, health and needs.  We pride ourselves in providing a fun, safe, loving experience for your pet. Please request a tour of our hospital and kennel at any time, we love showing off! 


Because we want you to know how much your pets' enjoyed their stay, each pet takes home a "Boarding Report Card" detailing their experience. So next time you leave for vacation, don't forget the other members of the family!  Send your dog or cat on their own vacation-send them to Apalachee River Animal Hospital!


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