We are pleased to now be able to offer House Calls! Call 678-376-0503 to schedule your appointment. If you are not an established client with our practice, we ask that you visit our hospital to set up an account prior to requesting a housecall. (no need to bring any pets). 

Dr.Coval is our primary veterinarian seeing House Calls, a skilled veterinary assistant will accompany her.

Our veterinarians recognize the need for in-home veterinary care and want to be able to better serve those with that need.

 Examples are:

  • Senior Citizens and others that may have difficulty driving, or managing pets in the car.
  • Pets that have car/carrier/veterinary hospital anxiety
  • Pets that have motion sickness
  • Arthritic or Giant Breed dogs that have difficulty getting in and out of vehicles
  • People with multiple pets that prefer to get all of their pets needs taken care of at once
  • Busy people that simply need to save time

Here are answers to some FAQ's:

  • What areas will you service via house calls? Roughly a 12-15 mile radius, primarily Dacula, Buford, Braselton/Chateau Elan, Deaton Creek Community, and Grayson. Call if you are not sure.
  • How much will it cost? All fees are the same as if you were being seen at our hospital with an added trip fee of $42. 
  • What pets do you see? Dogs and cats. (no pocket pets, reptiles, birds, large animals or exotics)
  • Do you offer in home euthanasia? Yes this is available with our house call service. There is a fee of $195 which includes everything (trip fee, exam, euthanasia, and transport back to our hospital) EXCEPT after care, which is an individual decision (communal or private cremation, burial, etc. We work with Deceased Pet Care (you may choose any service you wish but you would need to make those arrangements yourself in advance) we recommend you make these often difficult decisions prior to the housecall. Click the link to visit their website. 
  • What if my pet is very aggressive? If your pet is friendly to others at home, and just gets aggressive at the vet, a house call may be the perfect solution. If our veterinarian cannot safely handle your pet, they will recommend either a second housecall (with prior calming medication having been given) or an in-office exam with sedation.  
  • Will I still be charged if my pet will not safely allow an exam? Yes, you will be charged the trip fee and a consultation fee. Our veterinarian will spend time consulting with you regarding all concerns you have, review past experiences and history, and make recommendations and a treatment plan as to how to proceed.  We will always strive to be fair and provide you and your pet with the best possible experience and value. Any information you can provide us ahead of time in regards to your pets temperament and past experiences is helpful. 


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