Services We Provide Include:

  •         Preventative Care 
  •         Well Care
  •         Diagnostics and Hospitalization  
  •         Full In-house diagnostic laboratory
  •         State of the Art Surgical Suite 
  •         Ultrasound
  •         Therapeutic Laser 
  •         Digital Radiology and Digital Dental X-ray
  •         Preventative and Elevated Dental Services
  •         Separate Canine and Feline Boarding
  •         Canine Boarding with Indoor and Outdoor Runs
  •         Daycare services
  •         Fenced yard for Supervised Play
  •         Professional Grooming Services
  •         Senior care
  •         Nutritional Counseling
  •         Bereavement services
  •         House calls

Requirements for inpatient care in our animal hospital:  

If your pet(s) are admitted to our  hospital for care such as boarding, daycare, baths, grooming, dental services, or surgery,  they must be current on the following Core vaccinations (see our Vaccination Section for our policies and philosophy)

Dogs: DHPP (Canine distemper series), Rabies, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccinations.
Cats : FVRCP (Feline Distemper series) and Rabies
All vaccinations MUST have been administered under the direct supervision of a Veterinarian.
All pets must have proof of a negative Intestinal Parasite Test (fecal)  within the past six months.

These requirements are for the protection of your pets as well as the other pets in the hospital and our staff.


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